Advisory Energy prides itself as the leading Energy consultation and solutions company in the middle east built by professional with many years of  both  field and theoretical knowledge and experiences; offering Energy Monitoring, Saving, Generation and consultation services and solutions, as well as the provisioning of unbiased high-end plans, tools and equipments that allow its customers to analyze and measure real time general and specific equipment or machinery energy consumption accurately and instantly with an easy to read clear deliverables to further recycle the energy waste into better use or generally eliminate the waste


Better Control By Gauging the Unseen

Advisory Energy aims to empower its clients to better control their energy consumption by gauging the unseeable; by revealing the pattern and flow of energy consumption to redirect and save it in a risk free environment and shift our client’s direction into a smarter path that will result with utmost benefits; drastic decrease of business expenses and total costs, company image enhancement and in-crescent of overall performance and longevity of machines and equipment.

Choose Less for More

AE seeks to partnership with professionals from all around the globe to empower them with practical real time support, harnessed by advanced consultation and tools purposed to insure that organizations are paying exactly for the amount energy consumed, moreover, save and recycle energy resources’.